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Weekly Leadership Blog Coming to HisAir.Net

“Leadership Endurance,” is the title of a new weekly blog written by Brian Sanders, Executive Vice President of Positive Alternative Radio and coming to the Christian radio industry site HisAir.Net beginning the first week of April.  

“God has blessed me with the opportunity to help turn PAR around,” Sanders explained. “I hope to share some of what I have learned through that experience and as a lifelong student of leadership.”

Sanders writes, speaks, and coaches on leadership through his work at PAR. The blog will address leadership issues relevant to anyone in Christian radio. His new book, also titled, “Leadership Endurance,” is pending publication early this summer.

“It’s my goal to serve the industry and help us address the need for nurturing leaders both for today and for tomorrow,” said Sanders. “Like never before, we need to transform our whole industry and that will require great leadership.”

Sanders said he is very pleased that a partnership with HisAir.Net has made the weekly blog possible. The site has many avid readers, he noted, adding that he is thankful to have a weekly forum to reach Christian radio station general managers, program directors, and others.

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