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WBGL Names New Afternoon Co-Host

WBGL/Champaigne PD Ryan Springer announces Danielle Perez as WBGL’s new afternoon show co-host with Eric Nichols. 

Ryan tells HisAir.Net, “Danielle has worked in Christian radio at Moody Chicago, in college at Shine.FM, and through secular radio traffic reporting. She is a gifted communicator with an infectious personality and greatly enjoys encouraging and helping people. She’s also used her talents at other Christian non-profit organizations within promotions, event planning, and many things in between. She says her heart has been pulled back to Christian radio many times over the years and it’s something she’s prayed about for the last few years.”

Eric Nichols joined WBGL in September from WTGN/Lima, OH after the departure of Randy and Monica in June, and has been doing the afternoon show solo.  

Eric and Danielle’s first day on the air together will be Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018.