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WAY FM Leadership Summit

6-8-16wayLast week WAY-FM held its annual Leadership Summit at Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs, pictured left to right:

Faron Dice, Chief Content Officer; Lloyd Parker, Chief Operating Officer; BJ O’Neal, WAY-FM/Nashville Station Manager & National Director of Business Support; Brian Driver, WAY-FM/Charleston Station Manager; Matt Hahn, MidSouth Regional Manager; Jim Marshall, Southeast Regional Manager; Ken Inlow, WAY-FM/Portland Station Manager; Zach Cochran, Western Regional Manager; Tim Dukes, WAY-FM/DFW General Manager; Judy Bailey, WAY-FM/NoFl Station Manager; Thom Ewing, WAY-FM/Alabama General Manager; Tom Sullivan, WAY-FM/Ft Myers Station Manager; Bob Augsburg, WAY-FM Founder/President.

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