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UPDATE: Christian Radio Hurricane Relief Efforts

Christian Radio Continues its Support of Devastated Texas
Positive Alternative Radio (PAR) has compiled the latest updates from #ENCW Project Partner stations and participating non-profits from around the country whose coordinated efforts are changing lives for victims of Hurricane Harvey in the name of Jesus.

#ENCW Project Partner Total (to date):

  • #ENCW Project: Texas has collectively raised $540,615 for God’s Pit Crew over the past three days of fundraising (August 29 – 31). Those funds translate into 15,446 Blessing Buckets for individuals impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Station Dollars Raised (to date):

  • PAR stations collectively have raised more than $239,781.73 for God’s Pit Crew. The following PAR stations held their fundraisers on Thursday:

o    Spirit FM (Lynchburg/Roanoke, Virginia); raised $70,882.91

o    Your ‘PER (Fredericksburg/Richmond, Virginia); raised $71,584.17

o    Walk FM (Ashland, Kentucky and Huntington, West Virginia); raised $7,426.58

  • Stations working with i58:10 Media have collectively raised more than $319,073, according to David Harms, president of the agency. Those stations include:

o    The Barefoot Media Group (Twin Falls, Idaho); raised $8,919.67

o    KSGN (Riverside, California); raised $82,675.14

o    KTSY (Boise, Idaho); raised $91,968.24

o    Shine.FM (Chicago); raised $54,273.81

o    Hope 107.9 (Eugene, Oregon); raised $16,481.55

o    The Bridge (Delaware); raised $21,990

o    The Promise (Jacksonville, Florida); raised $4,207.00

o    Christian FM (Vero Beach, Florida); raised $38,558.00

  • The Fish (Cleveland, Ohio) raised enough money that 789 tons of emergency supplies—the equivalent of 39 semi-truck loads—to be sent to Houston through Feed The Hungry. 
  • The JOY FM (Dothan, Alabama) raised enough money to fill 13 semi-trucks (238 tons of emergency supplies) to be sent to Houston through Feed The Hungry.

On-Air Fundraisers (scheduled):

  • HISRadio (Greenville, South Carolina) began a full day fundraiser today for Harvey Relief through Feed The Hungry.
  • Pulse FM (South Bend, Indiana) began a full day fundraiser today, also working with Feed The Hungry.

Other Efforts (to date):

  • Several Christian artists came together Thursday night to stage an emergency concert streamed live from Nashville via Facebook to raise funds for Convoy of Hope.  “Together For Texas” was hosted by Natalie Grant and featured performances by Jeremy Camp, Mark Hall of Casting Crowns, Danny Gokey, Travis Greene, Mat Maher, Mandisa, Jonathan McReynolds, Ryan Stevenson, Matthew West and others.

God Showing Up:

  • Brian McIntyre, Network General Manager for Shine.FM shared details of Victoria’s story:

“Amanda from Hebron, Indiana called on the first day to sponsor a bucket. Her daughter Victoria, who is 9-years-old and in 4th grade, was inspired to help and went door to door in her neighborhood raising $50 for her first bucket. By early the next morning, she had raised enough for two buckets.”

Victoria continued her efforts at school by challenging her classmates and teachers to participate. To date, she has raised enough money to provide seven buckets.

  • Colleen Larkins, GM of Spirit FM (Lynchburg-Roanoke, Virginia) is praising God for a $7,000 match donor that helped engage hundreds of listeners to help the station raise more than $70,000 for God’s Pit Crew.

God’s Pit Crew Totals (online giving):

  • Randy Johnson, Founder/President of God’s Pit Crew, reports an amazing increase in online giving since the #ENCW Project: Texas relief effort officially began on Tuesday, August 29. Randy provided the following totals for Monday, August 29 through Thursday, August 31:

o    Monday – $18,642

o    Tuesday – $147,035 (Official first day of fundraising)

o    Wednesday – $165,073

o    Thursday – $268,454

  • Grand Total (M-Th) – $599,205
  • Total Individuals Donations (M-Th) – 4,932
  • Total Individual Visits to GPC’s Hurricane Harvey Response Site (M-Th) – 13,310

Johnson expressed his belief that the staggering response is directly linked to the efforts of #ENCW Project Partners. As of Friday morning, God’s Pit Crew’s online giving totals had reached $620,376. When asked about his thoughts on the collaborative response effort he said, “This is what Christianity should look like.”

Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope, whose efforts are being supported by several stations, reported Thursday night on its Facebook feed that it had raised $215,193 through its “Together For Texas: Songs of Hope & Healing” campaign.

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