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Top 10 Signs You Are At Momentum 2016

Top 10 Signs You Are At Momentum 2016

It’s that time of year again.  A lot of Christian radio will be found at Disney World for CMB.  A few of us got together to post the Top 10 Signs You Are At CMB.

10.  Ladies begin by wearing heals on the first day and end up in tennis shoes hoping their feed will fit in the shoe because they are swollen from wearing heals with all the walking. – Janet Scott, Chocolate and God

9.  That awkward moment when you recognize the face, and you are trying to read the first name on their badge (without them noticing) because you forgot their name! – Frank Reed, KLTY

8. That face you make the moment your GM walks in the Crew Cup Lounge with a label rep during an afternoon session you ducked out of too. – Bill Lurwick, The Bridge

7. That feeling you get when you meet an artist and you know their an artist, but you can’t think of even one song they sing. Oh, and then they call you by name. – Jerry Woods, WGTS

6.  You catch up with someone you’ve met before and they have no recollection of you…..NONE at all! – Brian Sumner, His Radio

5. You skip a session so you can sit pool side with Brant Hansen talking about how funny it is to skip a session to sit pool side. –  Matt Pelishek, KAXL

4.  That awkward moment when an artist thanks you from the bottom of their heart for supporting their new single and you know for a fact you didn’t add it. – Bill Scott, ShareMedia

3.  You really act like you don’t want any “swag” but after your table clears you grab everything from your table and the one next to it and run back to your room to “stash” it for the flight home!  – Garrett Michaels, 88.5 The Family

2. You schedule all of your interactions with record labels based on where they’re taking you to eat. – Fred Young, The Promise. 

1. You experience the CMB handshake. That’s when someone shakes your hand but is looking around the room at the same time to see if there is someone more important they should be talking with. – Bill Scott, ShareMedia

See you all at CMB.

Text Ted Kelly at 225-773-5676 to meet at Momentum 2016…


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