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Steve Swanson Has Passed

Longtime WAFJ/Augusta General Manager/programmer Steve Swanson has passed. It was announced last week that Steve was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Steve joined Radio Training Network (RTN) at The Joy FM/Sarasota, FL in the fall of 1995. There he served as PD and afternoon host until 2006 when he accepted the position of GM at WAFJ (also part of the RTN family). Steve also serve as the station’s PD and Music Director while hosting middays.

Steve first started on air in radio in 1978 when together with a friend purchased air time for a weekly show in a Minneapolis suburb and also spent time in Davenport, IA before going to work for RTN.

Steve announced in Dec 2020 that he and his wife Susie, who served as WAFJ office manager, would be retiring in Jan 2021. At the time Steve told HisAir, “Susie and I are looking forward to new adventures and opportunities. We’re beyond grateful to have served with this staff in this amazing ministry. Thank you for your prayers in this new chapter of our lives!”

Susie Swanson made it public last night, “Steve, you’re home with Jesus rejoicing at the throne, bowing low in reverence with the saints of the ages. Free of your earthly tomb, with your glorious resurrected body. You have left a huge void in the wake of your death, but you will always live in our hearts and memories. Luke and I were able to hold your hand as you took your last breath. Always believing in your healing, but never believing that your healing would be an eternal one. As you were close to leaving this world, you spoke “let’s go”and a few minutes later, “I am ready”, followed by “I’m waiting” and then Jesus ushered you home and Gods peace filled the room. You’ve left behind a family that adores you, friends that love you and a world you changed just by being in it.”

5 thoughts on “Steve Swanson Has Passed

  • This is such sad news. My family are praying for Steve’s family. I have always loved reconnecting with him at Momentum. ❤️‍🩹

  • One of the kindest, most supportive people I’ve known in the industry. A gem. Steve is going to be missed greatly. A gain for heaven, a loss for us.

  • What a great and kind man. I will miss him.

  • Became friends with Steve & Susie years ago. He definitely was a great man and will be missed by many. Susie, my heart goes out to you and family.


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