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Speaking of Jesus Conference in Orlando


Check out the mission statement of virtually any Christian radio station and you will likely find something like, “WXYZ exists to encourage people in Christ” or “Our station’s mission is to clearly share the message of Jesus.”

However, how do we do that WELL?

That is the topic to be discussed in a Christian radio industry summit called “Speaking of Jesus” to be held 1PM-5PM, Tuesday, September 3 at the Royal Pacific Hotel in Orlando, FL.  Conveniently timed one-day before the start of Christian Music Broadcasters “Momentum” conference, Speaking of Jesus will be an afternoon of lively, interactive seminars and discussion covering HOW we talk about our faith.

Speaking of Jesus presenter Brant Hansen believes it is a timely topic. “I think this is safe to say we spend way more time training on-air people to do fundraising than teaching how to encourage people in Christ or clearly share the message of Jesus” says Hansen.   “This isn’t a rip on fundraising, but there does seem to be a glaring need for discussing how to get better at sharing Jesus on the air.”

Bill Sammons, Station Manager of 88.7 The Bridge WKNZ agrees, “I’m not ashamed of the Gospel but I’m ashamed at how poorly I communicate it on the radio. I find it hard to keep it simple and in non-religious-speak without it being trite or cliché. I’ve been a Christian 47 years and in broadcasting 42 years and I’m wondering why we’ve never had this conversation before! “

Among the promised discussion topics are “The best ways to communicate Christ in less than a minute on the air”, “Why our changing culture now gives us a great opportunity” and “Why personalities’ connection with the audience is more important than ever.”

NGEN’s Chris Chicago will be in attendance, and said, “Being in Christian media, nothing is more important than how we talk about our faith. We all know it takes lots creativity to grab listeners’ attention and still communicate Truth, and all of us need to get better at it.”

Rob Anthony, Program Director of Fresno’s Spirit 88.9 added, “I’m interested to learn more about what it means to just be REAL.  It’s easy to avoid talking faith so we don’t scare away the “un-churched” but if we try to force it, they may roll their eyes at us instead.  I want to say things that matter to them.”


Joining Brant Hansen at Speaking of Jesus will be Producer Sherri, consultant John Frost, and Tenth Ave North’s Mike Donehey.

The event is free, but space is limited, and it is already two-thirds full. If you want to be part of this watershed event, you are encouraged to register today at www.speaking-of-jesus.com.

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