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Shine.FM Names Operations Director

The Shine.Fm Network/Chicago announces staff changes & promotions including a new Operations Director.

Steven Alvarado has be hired as the new Operations Director. Steven comes from Indiana Wesleyan University and will will start March 16th. Alvarado replaces Don Burns who exited in Dec 2019 for the morning co-host slot at KCBI/Dallas.

“Steven is returning to radio after several years away,” says Ministry Director Brian McIntyre. “He’s coming back at just the right time and with an MBA in Finance.”

Megan Groen moves up to Assistant Program Director beginning April 1 and Abby Bennett has been hired as the new Traffic Director. “Megan has thrived in every position she’s been place into and I’m excited to see her move into the programming department. Abby is a new bright light on the team!”

Pictured is new Shine.FM Operations Director Steven Alvarado.

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