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Saying Goodbye to the Nashville Fish

After nearly 22 years WFFH/Nashville (94 FM The Fish) is saying goodbye to its audience as Nashville’s only local CCM station goes off the air.

Here’s the news story from HisAir on Aug 5, 2002 regarding the then new CCM station that kicked off the new format with “Awesome God” by Rich Mullins: Broadcasting starts today in Nashville for Salem’s new station simulcast on WRLG (94.1) and WYYB (93.7). The station is using the positioner “Your Home for Today’s Christian Music…The New 94 FM” and features Doug Griffin & Don Burns on the morning show from 5 to 9 then its Salem’s “Today’s Christian Music” radio network at 9am.

The Fish Nashville GM Kevin Anderson told HisAir today, “It’s hard to summarize 22 years of service to a city in a couple of sentences. I can honestly say most days we were grateful to be in a position to have true Kingdom impact. On those other days the team carried each other and the Lord sustained us all. We are very proud of what the Lord allowed us to accomplish as a family and we remain grateful to this city for allowing us to be a part of its fabric. We know 94 FM will be missed by many but we remain filled with gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve.”

Anderson says he was offered a position to stay with Salem but has chosen to move on.

Jayme Summers joined Salem/Nashville in May 2017, was named PD in Jan 2023 and teamed with Doug Griffin for a new afternoon show. She says she will remain with Salem, and continue to work with The Today’s Christian Music network and Today’s Worship Music network after the station transitions to EMF ownership.

Current afternoon host Doug Griffin, who’s been with Nashville’s Fish from the start, told HisAir, “Greatly appreciate the outpouring coming from so many listeners on our social posts, calling in, coming by the station. Greatly appreciated artists taking time to say goodbye, like Michael W Smith and Amy Grant calling in on the show today. Had a gentleman stop by that reminded me about how the station helped him come to faith after a failed suicide attempt. Being able to speak into so many lives over such a long period of time is a true blessing and I remain committed to do what I’ve always tried to do and that is ….the next right thing.”

Griffin and Summers hosted their final afternoon show on Tuesday 4/30. HisAir will feature the aircheck of the last show and sign off.

KCBI/Dallas morning co-host Jeremy Sweat, was the Nashville Fish PD from 2017-2021, gave his thoughts, “What an honor! I’m struck by an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the chance to have served along side so many great leaders and radio professionals at the Fish Nashville. It will be remembered as a station that was used by God to reach people with His hope and love. 2 Cor 4:18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

Caryn Cruise (KCBI morning co-host with her husband Jeremy) was on the air at The Fish Nashville from 2014-2021. HisAir asked for her thoughts on the station going off the air, “I’m saddened that the station won’t be around for the next 20 years. The Fish brought me to Nashville and to my husband and to many great people I now call my friends. I’m hopeful for the next chapter God has in-store for all my former colleagues. I hope everyone leaves proud of what they accomplished. I know I am.”

WBCL/Ft Wayne morning co-host Kimberly Bindel was with The Fish Nashville from 2002-2011 and co-hosted mornings with Griffin. She tells HisAir, “What a beautiful season God has given 94 FM the Fish. Doug Griffin was such a creative guy to work with. We had such a wonderful ride as teammates. He has gone on to serve with strength and humility the family of 94FM listeners in middle Tennessee and I know he will be missed. My heart is with all of the 94FM staff members as God turns the page and puts you in your new chapter.”

Last month Salem agreed to sell all 3 Nashville frequencies to EMF. At midnight May 1 (94.1 & 93.7) will become Air1 & 104.9 will switch to K-LOVE. The sale also sends KAIM/Honolulu (95.5 The Fish) to EMF.  The deal is expected to close by June this year.

The Fish will continue online with the same music and many of the same personalities at TheFish.com, kicking off with 40 days and 40 nights commercial free.

4 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to the Nashville Fish

  • I have been a faithful Fish listener for many years. I really will miss having a local radio station that plays good Christian music. I have always favored The Fish Nashville over KLove, mainly because of the host’s who made you feel like they really cared about me and my walk with my Savior. I always had my radios on 94.1 and I also had the app on my phone, and would listen daily at work. I have tried to listen to Thefish.com, but it’s just not the same.

  • What a crying shame. I thought something was wrong with my alexa, as I went to 3 rooms of my house asking Alexa to play the Fish Nashville. Each time, the response was, sorry, I’m having trouble with that. I thought something was wrong with my car radio. All the buttons are set to 94.9. No Fish Nashville played on any of them.
    I only just now have read the disheartening news. The Fish Nashville is gone.
    How terribly sad that is. What a major mistake.

  • Oh wow! I’m gonna to really miss y’all, n when Christmas time comes y’all were the best! Plz find a way to come back! Pray 4 all your staff.

  • This is heartbreaking news. Another large corporation eating up the smaller “fish”. So sad!!!! Prayers for the 94FM The Fish employees and their families. This station will BE GREATLY MISSED 🙁


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