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Momentum 2024 Recap

Momentum 2024 may be history, but the memories will last a long long time.

Momentum, was held last week in Orlando and was packed with a variety of activities just for those in Christian radio. The event featured dynamic speakers, captivating performances, insightful breakout sessions, hands-on workshops, and ample networking opportunities. Attendees left equipped to make a greater impact in their communities.

HisAir reached out to many who were in attendance and here’s what they had to say about their experience at Momentum 2024.

“Momentum 2024! What an experience! Everyone gets something different out of the conference, but the best part of this Momentum for me was the fellowship and chance to bounce ideas off others in the CCM industry. Momentum is a way for us to sharpen iron. Can’t wait for next year, CMB!  – Dave Moore Family Life Radio

“This year’s conference provided so many reminders and tools to help me LEVEL UP to where God would have me to be as I serve Him through my station.  It was refreshing to see many radio friends I haven’t seen in several years and a good time for team building.” – Robin Robinson WHIF/Palatka  (Pictured L-R Team Hope from WHIF) Ricky Bybee – Outreach Director/afternoons, Tabitha Kennemer – Office Manager/weekend host, Malenda Sanders – weekend host, Jessica Daughtry – Digital Director/mid-days, Robin Robinson – Station Manager/mornings, Steve Jones – Board Member/weekend host.

“Momentum felt like a big family reunion of broadcasters this year.” – Mike Blakemore WFSH Atlanta

“It was such an honor to be able to connect with the CCM radio family – people with a heart for Jesus whose mission rises above mere professional gains and is rooted in the desire to provide others with hope. I often can’t believe I get to be included in such a calling. I look forward to someday returning to share and learn among the best and brightest blessings to ever convene in one place. I also look forward to accidentally telling Ryan Stevenson I like someone else’s music besides his.”  – Mysti Jordan Family Life Radio

”If my count is correct, this is the 16th Momentum conference (counting the virtual one in 2020), and though I cannot say one has been the best or better than others per se – I CAN say that the organization of such a massive event, led by the incredible CMB staff – and then fueled by so many volunteers, is really something to behold! My favorite session was Dwan Hill’s one about “we are all in the choir.” Many musical highlights including CeCe Winans, Terrian, Doe, Rachael Lampa and Andrew Ripp, Tasha Layton, Elevation Worship and plenty more. I am in my 37th year of radio promotion, and my 45th year over all. I consider it an honor to know and be known and loved by so many all across this industry. It’s all I have ever known!” – Chris Hauser Hauser Promotions Pictured L-R (front) KTIS/Minneapolis’ Jen Driskell, me, KBMQ/Monroe’s Linda Meyers. Back row L-R Hope Media Group’s Heide Jones. Jon Hull and Ricky Bybee.

“This was my favorite year so far! I forced myself out of my comfort zone and introduced myself to people I didn’t know. It was scary at first, but I’m glad I did it. I made so many connections and new friends because of it. A highlight for me was having the opportunity to spend some time in worship with CeCe Winans.” – Yvonne Jones KKEQ Grand Forks

“With so many changes and challenges in my life this year I didn’t think coming to CMB Momentum was going to happen. While it was a leap of faith I made it. Looking at momentum this year through a new lens just made me hyper aware of how important building lasting and genuine connections really is. The theme this year was “Level Up”, to be become “immeasurably more” and it always amazes me how wonderfully the info and knowledge from the speakers blends with all the other activities and networking and gathering together like a family. Radio is a family and I’m happy to be apart of this radio family even as a volunteer and on both sides too voice taking and promoting. One speaker said, we talk so much about what God does for us but we forgot to simply talk about how beautiful God is. So to God be the glory!”  – Josh Guevara KVFE Del Rio

“Momentum 24 was a blast! Being surrounded by a big crowd of Christian radio folks was like finding your tribe for the first time. Coming from UCB Radio in Canada, where it can sometimes feel like you’re on your own, pioneering to reach across our nation, it was awesome to meet fellow missionaries sharing hope in Jesus in their areas. Making new connections in person was a highlight, and the teaching sessions were both uplifting and practical. Being able to shoot questions and get real answers was super helpful. And don’t even get me started on the artists – they were seriously inspiring! Hearing sneak peeks of upcoming music was a treat. Despite the trek from the chilly north, Momentum 24 was totally worth it.”  – Liz Latchford UCB Canada

“Minutes before we hit the stage, Toby asked if he could pray for us. I left Momentum inspired. Encouraged, and value was added to my life.” – Corey Mann WHPZ South Bend

“I think the impromptu one-on-one conversations one can have with the artists that make the music we play day in and day out are the most special…and in a hotel lobby, no less!” – Al Skop Sirius/XM

“The single greatest thing about Momentum is the people. When I’m there, I’m with my tribe. Radio can be bizarrely monastic work. You sit in a room alone with your thoughts, pour them into a microphone, and maybe someone hears it. It can get a little lonely. You go spend time with non-radio people and try to hide your ridiculous personality and loud mouth. (I can’t be the only one who struggles with talking too much when you’re with the “normies”.) At Momentum, I can be myself and I fit in. It is enormous fun and incredibly affirming to be with other people who love Jesus and love radio the way I do.” – Obadiah Haybin WayFM

“It was an amazing conference! The speakers, artists, and DJ iHearCanvas was phenomenal. My favorite part was the mini games. It was a brilliant idea from the CMB staff. Hats off to them for the work they put into this conference.” – Joshua Raines WLAB Ft Wayne 

Issa Lopez and Jen Driskill were first time attendees at Momentum!

“I’ve been to many conferences in my life, but I’ve never received so much love and positivity. Meeting John Frost in person for the first time was quite the moment for me. This person has changed my career. Thank you to all the love and welcoming spirit that I received at the conference.” – Issa Lopez VO’s

“Pro-tip for future Momentum attendees: know which session you’ll be asked to share a personal story before sitting next to the big boss! Jeff McHugh asked us to share a personal story, then receive feedback on what we did well and how we could improve. All went well sitting next to my Sr. VP Jason Sharp, and I hope you do well sharing a personal story with your boss, too! During a smaller session with Jeff, he posed the question, “What’s the last thing you want to leave someone with?” To think of the mom who’s dropping off her mini me at the daycare while battling mom guilt hears you say God sees her struggle and He loves her so much. To think of the high school grad who’s suddenly second guessing her decision to go to college so far away from home will be met with a song on your station, followed by a word of encouragement from you because you know what that’s like. With each break, you have the opportunity to leave your friend wanting more time with you and with God.” – Jen Driskill KTIS Minneapolis

“Our team loved being at CMB’s 2024 Momentum! Connection with others in our world of radio seems to be an overall highlight for many and that is true for us as well! Old and new, friends are important and bring encouragement. Live music brought Gospel-focus as well as many speakers who shared facts and story to remind us as to why we all do what we do! Hearing from leaders in radio and research as to where we seem to be heading gives needed information to help us measure the opportunities we have for a future. Thank you Team Momentum, for the hard work! It was evident, enjoyed and appreciated!” – Dawn Rae Moody Radio Network

“My biggest takeaway would be “Loud Love.” So, that wasn’t a session. We’ve had a hard year at CCM and I tried to make every encounter meaningful–to let people know how much I love them and what they mean to me. I was determined to not let my love be silent–but to make it know. On the flip, so many people I didn’t expect just stopped me and spoke life into my soul. You just don’t know the impact you have in your day-to-day life! The learning was amazing–so many good sessions I want to listen to over again. But the connections this year felt authentic and deep. And it truly filled my cup.” – Terese Main Family Life Bath, NY

Momentum 2025 is  scheduled for May 28-30 next year.

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