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Lisa Williams “A Come-Along-Side”

Everyone needs a Come-Along-Side.

In Chicago last week, Christian Music Broadcasters was the Come-Along-Side for 150 of us who hunger to grow in the art of radio on-air presentation and production.  They brought in people like Brant Hansen, Mandy Young, Lisa Barry, Randy Lane, Beth Bacall, Matt Stockman, Ty McFarland, Sterling Tarrant, Dan Young, and many others to come-along-side us, encouraging and equipping us for next-level work. 

We need people like that in our lives.  Professionally, personally, and spiritually, we all need others who will come-along-side and see us, listen to us, be honest with us, and tell us there is more.

There are some stellar coaches and consultants in this industry.  Whether it’s on-air, programming, or fundraising, there are some great people working hard to help Christian radio be the very best radio there is.

Paul Goldsmith has been my professional Come-Along-Side over these past two years, encouraging me to grow, excel, and stretch beyond myself. He coached me through the launch of my podcast, and then the launch of my syndicated radio show. He helped me dream, define, and then execute. There were many times I told him, “Nope, I can’t.”  But he would encourage me or challenge me or remind me of what I had already felt like God had called me to do. 

And now, I’m honored to watch him step into what he feels called to do:  come-along-side radio stations and non-profits to help them define and accomplish their own mission. This month, Paul officially launches Goldsmith Media Group.

Paul has asked me to join him in coming-along-side air-talent to help them reach their goals and potential. Being on-air in Christian radio is a privilege and a complex task. The right coach can make such a difference in your encouragement, understanding, and growth.  My hope is that through Goldsmith Media Group I can encourage some talented radio colleagues who simply need a Come-Along-Side.  If I personally am not the right fit, then I have some recommendations of coaches in our industry who could be possibly fill that role.  Feel free to contact me anytime, just to talk and think together.

When Jesus left for Heaven, He told us He would send the Holy Spirit, the ultimate Come-Along-Side.  He has never left us or forsaken us.  He leads us and guides us into all truth.  Through Him today, I hope for incredible growth and understanding for you and for those you love. xo

Lisa Williams helps Christian music stations have topical, relevant, and compelling content between the songs.  To listen today or to contact Lisa, visit www.lifewithlisawilliams.com.  Lisa has been on the radio since 1990. She started in Missouri when she was 21. Since then she has served on-air in Iowa, Florida, NY/NJ, and then nationally from Sacramento and then Indianapolis. You can read her full bio here.  Since January 2016, she has been creating a daily 4-hour show for Christian music stations. You can find her at www.lifewithlisawilliams.com

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