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KWND #1 In Springfield, MO

Congratulations to the staff at KWND/Springfield (88.3 The  Wind) on ranking #1 in the Spring ’19 Nielsen report. KWND scored an 8.1 12+ AQH up from 7.2 last fall. The #2 station in the Spring ratings was at 6.9 AQH.  KWND sister station, Southern Gospel KWFC soared from a 1.1 to 4.4 AQH.

KWND Station Manager Kyle Dowden told HisAir, “We’re in one of those places where we have to step back and admire what God has done through The Wind. Over the past two years, we’ve been able to expand into several new communities through translators and the acquisition of KCKJ/Sarcoxie-Joplin. God has used the increased footprint to bring Hope and Encouragement to more people, and change more lives. “As you might expect, we’re overjoyed and overwhelmed that God is doing this work through these radio stations. We feel like we’re riding that wave that He is pushing, and are excited to see how He will continue to use us in southern Missouri..” KWND and KWFC are Radio Training Network owned stations

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