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KSBJ Launches New Digital Platform

KSBJ/Houston has launched Hope On Demand™, a new digital content platform designed to reach an audience beyond radio through videos, podcasts and blogs. At Hope On Demand, viewers can join in daily Bible reading, watch performances & interviews from Christian artists, listen to podcasts and read devotionals that will connect them more deeply with God.

HopeOnDemand.com launched on January 1, 2020 with over 15 hours of inspirational video and podcast content, an annual Bible reading plan and new articles and videos being added daily. Podcasts have garnered over 50,000 downloads and the site has reached over 250,000 pages views.

 According to CEO, Joe Paulo, “This brand and platform will enable us to do two extremely important things. We will connect with people who may be less engaged with traditional radio and the content will add a new depth to the spiritual impact this ministry is already having. I’m thrilled to see it grow from here.”

 Senior Director of Content, Shawn Farrington adds, “At Hope On Demand, we want people to see that Jesus is ‘with them’ in the middle of their stories – that they are not alone, and that when they need direction or feel lost – there is HOPE.”

Connect to Hope On Demand:

Website: HopeOnDemand.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HopeOnDemand/

Twitter: @HopeOnDemand

Instagram: @hopeondemand

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