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KSBJ Hurricane Florence Relief

KSBJ/Houston listeners stepped up in a tremendous way when presented with the opportunity to help those affected by Hurricane Florence. Partnering with God’s Pit Crew, a faith based nonprofit crisis response team who seeks to serve others in their time of need, over $250,000 in just 14 hours with an additional $40,000 coming in after the fundraiser.

These funds will provide 5,813 Blessing Buckets, filling over 7 semi-trucks with crucial supplies to those areas devastated by Hurricane Florence. A Blessing Bucket is a five-gallon bucket, filled with essential items that are used by individuals every day. Items include: food, water, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and much more. God’s Pit Crew delivers tractor trailer loads of Blessing Buckets to some of the hardest hit areas after a natural disaster.

“To our wonderful friends in Texas, I’m absolutely overwhelmed at the response to help those affected by Hurricane Florence. I wanted to say thank you for your tremendous donations, these gifts will make an incredible impact in the lives of those who are hurting from this storm,” shares Randy Johnson, Founder & President of God’s Pit Crew. “Please know that we are going to send updates as the recovery process takes place, so Houstonians can see what their giving has done to help those in need. Together we are making a difference for the Kingdom.”

Joe Paulo, KSBJ President & CEO shares, “There’s double motivation here. God’s Love compels us to meet the needs of others, and then you add onto that the fact that many of our listeners know from firsthand experience what those on the east coast are going through… the response has been overwhelming!”