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KSBJ Concludes Record Breaking Sharathon

6-27-16ksbj1KSBJ/Houston is celebrating its most successful Sharathon to date.  In the 4-day event that ended Friday night, over 50% of funds needed to operate the station were raised, along with the largest one-time gift in KSBJ history, $150,000 by an anonymous donor.

“Houston has been hit hard by the price of oil and the recent flooding – and we really felt that impact during the first few days of our Sharathon. But then Friday happened,” said Tim McDermott, KSBJ’s President and General Manager (pictured below).  “We encouraged our listeners not to live in fear, but to trust in God. We raised over $1.5 million in one day, fully funding KSBJ.”

During the week, over 800 volunteers gave their time to answer phones and serve. Many listeners called in to share their stories of how KSBJ has brought hope to them throughout the years.

“We heard over and over again how important it is to our listeners to keep the ‘Radio on’ as a source of encouragement and prayer,” said Jimmy West, Senior Director of Donor Care. “KSBJ is family for so many and a companion in their journey of faith. Those who give of their time and money want to be a part of sharing that hope.”

At the close of Sharathon on Friday night, the ministry raised a total of $3.2 million, meeting the fundraising goal. As a result of raising the funds, KSBJ plans to expand the station and ministry through enhancing the counseling component of the prayer ministry, taking prayer into new places like senior living centers and Special Olympics, and continue to spread the hope of Christ through billboards and other communication channels.

6-27-16ksbj2Funds were also raised for NGEN, KSBJ’s sister station that will launch its full powered FM signal in August of 2016.

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