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KNWI Operation Strong Tower

Northwestern Media’s KNWI/Des Moines (Life 107.1) announced today that they have begun the process of building a 995 foot tower that will allow them to broadcast at 100,000 watts and cover all of Des Moines and central Iowa with one strong signal.

Life 107.1’s signal has been challenging since they first signed on in 2003. Currently, they cover Des Moines and central Iowa with three FM signals all carrying the same programming: 107.1, 96.1, and 100.7. The most powerful signal, 107.1, is only 30,000 watts with a tower height of 630 feet.
Through Operation Strong Tower, Life 107.1 will still reach everyone they currently reach with the three signals combined but will also extend the coverage area even further.

Life 107.1 Station manager Bruce Barrows says, “Operation Strong Tower means our listeners no longer need to switch between stations to hear us; will be able to listen in their homes and work—not just in their cars; and inclement and humid weather should not adversely affect the Life 107.1 signal.” He continues, “Please pray with us that by this time next year, Life 107.1 will be broadcasting one strong 100,000 watt signal on a 995 foot tower so we can better accomplish our mission.”

Life 107.1 exists to lead people to Christ and nurture believers in their spiritual growth through Christ-centered media.

Pictured: Life 107.1 Station manager Bruce Barrows (right) stands with Roy Klobnak of Roy G. Klobnak Evangelistic Ministries at the spot where Life 107.1’s new tower will be. The ministry owns the land and is leasing it to Northwestern Media.

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