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Keith Sanderson “Mental Health Check”

I love radio.

I have since the first time I cued up a record… loaded a cart machine… cracked the mic…and then ran down that long hall to the bathroom and back in 3 minutes flat (and that was THE long song in 1977!).  Since the beginning I’ve been hooked.

My love for radio has never wavered…my reasons however have changed dramatically.  At first it was ‘cool’.  Then it became…well several other reasons over the years I’d rather not get into L.

Then at 33 I became a blood bought believer in The Lord Jesus Christ, and I had brand new reason to love radio.  I had always shied away from the public side of radio, but suddenly I realized I had a platform to share my newfound faith.

Since moving from secular to Christian…from commercial to non-com…over 2 ½ decades ago, I have seen the transforming power of God through this medium.  Lives changed.  Eternities altered.  To do what I love for The One I serve has been exceedingly abundantly rewarding beyond anything I could have asked or thought.

That brings me to my two-part point:

Radio is one of the most powerful tools available to reach, and to help, people. Over the last few years, I’ve lost too many friends and acquaintances to suicide.  Way too many.  Most recently last week.  I believe radio can help make a difference in this area.  Getting out the national call and text 3 digit 9-8-8 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline number is a start.  You never know…the life saved could be someone close to you.

Secondly…how are you doing?  We can all be overwhelmed this time of year, but if you’re feeling isolated and alone even amidst those you love, it’s a good time to talk to someone.  Maybe, for whatever reason, you are alone and seemingly no one cares.  Trust me, more people care more than you know.  There is help…there is hope…and you do matter.  Even as believers we can struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts. 

Don’t try to go it alone.  It’s not unspiritual to struggle, or to accept help.  Reach out to loved ones, the church, or simply call or text 9-8-8.

Turns out it’s a three-part point. 

Learn what to look for in those around you who may be feeling hopeless.  And then ask the hard questions.  The loving questions.  Because that person matters.  Because you matter.  Because Jesus cares.

Have a blessed New Year

Keith Sanderson, Station Manager KMOC

Keith and his wife Liz host mornings on KMOC Texoma. Reach out at keith@kmocfm.com

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