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KCMS To Air 2nd Day Of Prayer & Hope

CRISTA Media station KCMS/Seattle (Spirit 105.3) will host a second “Day of Prayer & Hope” for the community this Wednesday, April 15th, in response to the overwhelming success of the first iteration on March 19th. Prayer videos from that day were viewed a staggering 44,000 times, with prayer posts reaching 144,000 people by the end of the day. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was among those to call in and pray for the greater Seattle community.

Between 6:00 AM and 7:00 PM on April 15th, Spirit 105.3 on-air talent and staff will be praying each hour over specific topics (see below). During these thirteen hours, listeners will be encouraged to call the prayer hotline at 866.299.1053 to relay their own prayer requests to a live person or text prayer requests as well. Hourly prayer topics include:

6:00 AM         Praying over missed moments and canceled life events

7:00 AM         Praying over parents

8:00 AM         Praying over people in high risk categories

9:00 AM         Praying over churches

10:00 AM       Praying over our economy, small businesses struggling and lost jobs

11:00 AM       Praying over people experiencing depression, anxiety and grief

12:00 PM       Praying over those recovering from Coronavirus in Seattle and around the world

1:00 PM          Praying over frontline workers in every field

2:00 PM          Praying over government leaders at all levels

3:00 PM          Praying over first responders, police, firefighters and military

4:00 PM          Praying over the homeless population

5:00 PM          Praying over teachers, students and schools

6:00 PM          Praying over all of us, a prayer of faith, a prayer against fear

Spirit 105.3 Program Director Ty McFarland told HisAir, “We have heard our incredible SPIRIT 105.3 listeners, and we are excited to meet their request to host another Day of Prayer and Hope. Together, we will strive to continue to remind our community that we can and will get through these challenging times together.”

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  • Prayer for Brendon L healing from leukemia and going through chemo. Pray for Salvation for Christa L and her family. Pray God will get John K attention and do whatever it takes. Pray strongholds and bondage be broken in the name of Jesus. Set him free Lord.


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