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Industry News Bits 9-12-18

WBGL/Champaign PD Ryan Springer reports on his Facebook page tonight: “For anyone considering “riding out” the storm (Hurricane Florence) on a barrier island, I leave you with this… Wave heights to 83 ft were measured early this morning under the NE quadrant of Hurricane Florence. These enormous waves are produced by being trapped along with very strong winds moving in the same direction the storm’s motion.

The satellite uplink site Moody Radio uses is operated by Microspace Communications located near Raleigh, NC. With predictions of 30-inches of rainfall from Hurricane Florence hitting the Carolinas later this week, there is the possibility of the loss of satellite signal strength and audio dropouts.

Even though the uplinks usually increase their power to “push their signal” through such storms, radio stations may see reduced Eb/No levels on their satellite receivers. Managers should plan to monitor their satellite reception more closely over the coming days and be prepared to revert to back-up programming in the event of a temporary loss of carrier.

On a side note, Brad Kelly, Nielsen Audio’s Managing Director, is available for a live interview to discuss radio’s live and local advantages during natural disasters, and how radio is the only source of information during an emergency.  Brad is available to discuss topics such as why FM chips in mobile phones are critical and their capacity to act as radio receivers, emergency preparedness when it comes to radio, as well as how radio is currently being utilized in times of crisis. To set something up with Brad contact Brigit Hennaman at Nielsen 646-654-8314.

KOGW/ Stratford, TX  owned  by Top O’ Texas Educational Broadcasting Foundation is being sold to Next Radio LLC for $10,000. KOGW is a Class A non-com at 91.5. It had been airing programming from The Kingdom Keys Network based in Amarillo. Future plans for the station were unavailable. Next Radio is a Florida-based operation led by Managing Member Crystal Carpenter.

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