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Industry News Bits 8-1-17

Family Life Ministries /Bath, NY voice actor Bethany Rech (at left) has been chosen as a Top 3 Finalist on “Get in the Show” – an audition-based search for voice talent conducted by Focus on the Family. She plays the character “Laura” on “Kid’s Corner” – a radio drama that runs every Saturday morning on the radio network.  “Being a top finalist for Focus on the Family is really exciting,” says Rech. “I never thought I would make it this far! The journey has felt unreal in some ways, but also really encouraging because many people have been voting for me along the way.”  

Rech and two other competitors will perform their last audition, Saturday, Aug. 12, on an episode of “Adventures in Odyssey” during Focus on the Family’s finale event at its headquarters in Colorado Springs.

The grand prize winner and three of their family members will win a Focus on the Family 40th Anniversary Cruise to the Bahamas this November.

Joy Ware Miller joins WEEC & WFCJ/Dayton Listener Engagement Director.  She previously held the same position for the Salem San Antonio stations. 

Congratulations to Ambassador President Peggy Campbell (pictured left) who celebrates 40 years of service. From 1977 to 2006 Peggy headed up Ambassador’s marketing and became President in 2006. In March this year, California’s 48th Congressional District honored Peggy as their 2017 “Woman of the Year” in recognition of her contribution to Azusa Pacific University, as well as to the state.

A reminder to GMA members the First Ballot for the 48th Annual GMA Dove Awards will close today, Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at 5pm CT. 

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