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Industry News Bits 5-15-16

5-15-16wgtsWGTS/Wash DC welcomes Pastor Kumar Dixit (at left) to the position of chaplain at the radio station and media ministry. “I feel privileged to join the WGTS 91.9 radio team,” says Dixit. Before moving to Canada three years ago, Dixit had lived in Maryland and had been a WGTS 91.9 listener for 20 years.  WGTS extended its ministry about 12 years ago to include an active chaplain’s program directed by Dr. Terry Johnsson, pastor and former White House Honor Guard member. This department oversees an active prayer network called PrayerWorks!, holds a regular outreach worship service called Gateway Fellowship, does Live Night with WGTS 91.9’s Gateway Band at local venues, partners with local churches and conducts Night of Hope, a free evening featuring a Christian artist and a speaker. “I’m eager to build on the momentum that has been created,” says Dixit.

Regrading revelations that Facebook regularly suppresses conservative news websites from its trending section was addressed by NRB President & CEO Dr. Jerry A. Johnson.  “It’s time for Facebook to face the facts,” Johnson said in response to a May 9 report that former Facebook staff said the company regularly suppresses conservative news sources. “Social media users expect a level playing field and are tired of Facebook’s one-sided neutrality. For some time, Facebook has shut down conservative pages or censored their comments. Now Facebook is caught burying conservative news stories and puffing liberal ones. Facebook must change if they want our trust and our participation on their platform.”

Spirit Radio/Ireland is featured in an article in a main national newspapers recently. Check out “How Spirit Radio has beaten commercial stations at their own game” by clicking here

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