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Industry News Bits 4-23-18

WBGL/Champaign Community Engagement Manager Emma Villanueva has exited the station. Emma tells HisAir.Net, “Yeah! I will be moving next week to go back to Ohio and start grad school. I have LOVED WBGL and will miss this place so much!”

EMF is buying KHCS/Palm Desert, CA (Joy 92 FM) for 450k. It’s a Class A at 91.7. Seller is Prairie Avenue Gospel Center.

David Sams latest podcast is now available. David talks with American figure skater and Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton. he also speaks with his life coach, Tim Storey, who helps him to deal with FEAR.  This is only our third episode, let David know what you think.

You can download from iTunes or wherever you prefer to get your podcasts.

For the first time since its birth in May 2013, users from over 200 countries and territories in January 2018 visited the multilingual TWR360 website and mobile app more than 1 million times. The number of visits rose in February and March and is on track to top a million again for April.

“There was a ceiling that we had been aware of for a long time and wanted to break through it,” TWR360 Marketing and Operations Manager David Creech said this week. “But we can’t do it. God brings those users. God moves hearts. It’s not TWR360 doing it. It’s how God moves and when God moves. And the timing happened to be that on Jan. 28, the ceiling was shattered.”

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas are included in the March PPM release today from Nielsen Audio. All results will be posted after 5pm ET today on HisAir.Net. Christian Radio Ratings are sponsored by ShareMedia Services.

AVAILABLE: Well seasoned in mainstream and CCM radio…  Miss Christian radio, dearly…  Currently a PD of a Newsradio AM/FM for over a year… Great city, but I am out of my call…  I have done it all from air, production, promotion, programming, second level engineering, ministry outreach…  I get various comments from our listeners on why I am not back in Christian Radio… I ask myself that!!!  I would like to be closer to my elderly folks who I have some responsibility for… I am open to ideas and possibilities… I have very STRONG references…  Shall we converse???  I am an original Way-Fm air and staff person (with them their first eight years)… (931)-982-2399 (or) spncrand@hotmail.com …  

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