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Industry News Bits 11-14-19

KCVO/Camdenton (The Spirit FM Network) finished their fall pledge drive this year, reaching their goal for the first time in 5 years. “Support this year from small monthly supporters to partners giving over $1,000 was up significantly,” according to President & GM, Jim McDermott.  Jim adds that this helps Spirit FM and also their Pop/Hip Hop station, The Pulse Channel.

Nielsen’s Audio Today Report (medium and small market edition) shows Radio has a large impact in small and medium markets. Audiences in medium and small markets are highly engaged with radio. Highlights from the Audio Today Medium & Small Market Edition include:

  • Consumers in medium and small markets tune to radio at all ages on a monthly basis. 98% of adults 18+ use radio monthly in these markets. 94% of adults 18-34 do, as well, along with 99% of adults aged 25-to-54.
  • Radio users in medium and small markets are highly qualified prospects for advertisers. Working consumers account for more than three-quarters (77%) of the audience and the majority of radio use happens outside of the home (65%) and closer to the point of purchase.
  • Hourly radio use in medium and small markets mirrors the larger markets. Radio is a daily companion which helps consumers start their day usually in the 6 of 7 a.m. hour, accompanies them to work, and then peaks around the end of the workday or commute home.
  • Of the large chunk of radio use that occurs away from home in medium and small markets, most of that listening happens in the car. In-car listening is radio’s pillar of strength, and as commute times grow in markets of all size, consumers spend more time in their vehicles where radio is the preferred choice for listening. During the full week, 66% of the away-from-home listening happens in the car. That number rises to 71% during weekday drive times (morning and evening) and 79% on weekends; a captive audience reached on the go and in decision-making mode. These facts are not lost on advertisers keen to delivering their messages to lots of people at a critical point in the buying cycle.
  • Radio consumers in medium and small markets have enormous buying power. According to Nielsen Scarborough they spend over $7,000 dollars annually on groceries, $2,700 annually on home improvements and $1,100 on furniture.
  • Medium and small market consumers are also sophisticated audio users, adopting new ways to listen that compliment their radio use. 90% of podcast consumers in these markets also listen radio, and 92% of smart speaker owners do, too.
  • The top radio formats in medium and small markets are Country (14.1% share of audience), News/Talk (11.8%), Pop Contemporary Hit Radio (8.3%), Adult Contemporary (7.3%) and Classic Rock (6.2%). .

Label News:
Black River Christian artist Josh Wilson announces his upcoming 6 date holiday tour, “NOEL A Unique Christmas Experience,” with special guest Jordan St. Cyr.

John Harrison 42 years at with Family Life Radio
Family Health Checkup, sponsored by Samaritan Ministries surpassed the production milestone of 1,000 programs

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