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Industry News Bits 1-30-20

The FCC has hit Salem with a $50k fine for violated a the rule requiring how programs be identified as live or recorded. The complaint to the Commission from August 2017, alleged KRLA/Los Angeles broadcast the call-in show, HealthLine Live, as “live” when it was not. 

§ 73.1208 Broadcast of taped, filmed, or recorded material.

(a) Any taped, filmed or recorded program material in which time is of special significance, or by which an affirmative attempt is made to create the impression that it is occurring simultaneously with the broadcast, shall be announced at the beginning as taped, filmed or recorded. The language of the announcement shall be clear and in terms commonly understood by the public. For television stations, the announcement may be made visually or aurally.

(b) Taped, filmed, or recorded announcements which are of a commercial, promotional or public service nature need not be identified as taped, filmed or recorded.

89.9 The Light/Melbourne, AUS morning co-host Kel McWilliam from Lucy & Kel, has been missing rom the morning show a few days. When he returned Kel opened up on the air about the toll chronic back pain was taking on his mental health, and how he’s been unable to sit in the radio studio for the last few years. Check out the audio HERE. 

WBCL/Ft Wayne Promotion Director Tiffany Schortgen had the opportunity to talk about WBCL’s Share 2020 on local TV. Check out the clip HERE.

David Shantz joins Family Life Radio in Tucson, AZ as the Director of Engineering for all 43 stations.

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