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i58:10 Media David Harms Visits Nepal

From January 5-11, 2019 i58:10 Media President David Harms was in Nepal gathering stories for World Concern’s SOS Initiative, which is an anti-trafficking radio campaign. In the photo at left David talks with a husband and wife who’s 8 year old daughter was kidnapped when a man soaked a rag in ether and covered her mouth until she passed out. The girl was trafficked to work in a brick factory but was later rescued and returned to her parents.

It is estimated that about 10,000 girls are trafficked over this border every year. While gathering stories for the SOS Initiative, David heard the story of girls as young as 3 and 4 who are too young to work the red light areas or in a brick factory, so the traffickers intentionally maim them in order to make them beggars. Girls have had bones broken so as to be deformed, eyes poked out so as to be blind, and kidneys taken for organ harvesting.

While on the trip to Nepal with World Concern, David also spent time at the Nepal/India border and witnessed the intervention of a young woman who was likely being trafficked. 

This work is part of World Concern’s SOS Initiative, which stands for “Seek Out & Stop” child trafficking. Stations including KFSH/Los Angeles (The Fish), KWPZ/Seattle (Praise 

106.5) KCMS/Seattle (Spirit 105.3) and KTSY/Boise aamong others, have aired this campaign with many more preparing to do so in 2019. Contact i58:10 Media if you are interested in this campaign.


To help “Seek Out & Stop” child trafficking, contact i58:10 Media for details.


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