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HisAir.Net Invites you to Bible Idiots Screening at NRB

logo_bibleidiotsAre you a “Bible Idiot”?

That is the question being asked in a fun, creative and insightful new full length reality documentary that combines stand-up comedy with deep Bible apologetics.  While it seems an unlikely mix, the two come together seamlessly in “Bible Idiots”, a new film that is giving viewers a fun ride on their way to a deeper understanding of the Word of God. Besides being a very unique documentary, the greater church community now has an impressive new tool to defend their faith and the validity of the Scriptures through this movie.

The project is the brainchild of Chris Danielson, a lifelong radio man, former GM, former syndicated talk show and morning show host on Family Life Radio and later on USA Radio Networks.  Danielson is best known for the radio program “The Chris and Emilee Show”, which consistently grew audiences by blending humor in and around teaching the bible on live radio. As a seminary trained former pastor, and along side his wife of 30 years, Emilee, the two started taking the concept of “comedy with teaching” to the stage as well as airwaves. “Chris credits Chonda Pierce for relaunching his stand up career in 2007”, says Emilee Danielson. “After that, working with the likes of Darrin Steblow and others, and our son Jake really growing as a comic, we started seeing lives really affected in a powerful way, we knew there were solid ministry opportunities here.”

As the family continued the father/son comedy shows, Chris decided last winters tour was the right time to hire a top notch film crew to go along while they traveled from town to town, talking to people of all walks of life about their thoughts on the Bible.  From the educated elite to the man on the street they asked the question – “Are we idiots for believing the Bible?  Or, would we be idiots not to?”

“This isn’t a radio guy wanting to do a movie with a flip camera” Chris says. “I have been asking God for the opportunity to use the film skills I studied and practiced for the last 25 years. God also sent me some incredible creative film makers help me with this project.”

The result is a 95 minute documentary that takes you on an engaging cinnematic journey that looks into the authority of God’s Word.

Special screening of the documentary is being held at NRB Proclaim 16 in Nashville on Wednesday February 24th, 3:30 – 5:30 in Delta Ballroom C.

You can also visit the Bible Idiots on the Expo floor, booth 520

Watch the trailer at www.bibleidiots.com

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