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Glenn Goodwin “Perception Matters”

Have you ever really thought about how radio listeners in your area, perceive your station?  If not, it is time to consider the fact that Perception Matters.

This rings true to stations everywhere, but it seems to really show itself in a larger way in small markets.

As GM in a small market, I have heard individuals say that they only support their local station.  Hmmm, I thought we were one of their local stations.

What I have discovered is that their perception of what their ‘local station’ is, was different than mine.  Their perception was that if our office wasn’t in their town, and if they see that station down the street more than they see us, then that is ‘their location’ station.

Our station covers a lot of the same local news, sports, and events on-air, and is getting out in the community more and more, but that listener’s perception is that the other station is ‘their local station’.

Now maybe it is something similar for your station, or a number of other reasons that make a listener’s perception what it is.  But my question to you is: Do you know what the listener’s perception is of you?  If not, maybe it’s time to dive deep into that question and find some answers.  Because if there are areas that you can directly affect, (and guess what: there are),….then it is time to find out what those are, and come up with a plan of action to Win in those areas.

A start might be to do a survey of your current listeners and dive into some detailed questions.  It is amazing what people will tell you if you ask, and if you are willing to hear their answers.

In one survey that I conducted with a station, it showed there was a larger than usual listenership on Saturday’s than was expected, however those listeners also shared that they mostly didn’t tune in until after one of the regular specialty programs had ended.  And that is something that you need to know when it comes to programming your station.

If you need help with what kind of questions you should start this process with, feel free to reach out to me at www.smallmarketradiostrategies.com.  I would be happy to provide a free radio sample survey with you to get you jump started.  And remember, it’s time to think about how much Perception Matters, no matter how you start that process.


Glenn Goodwin is the owner of Small Market Radio Strategies, and is also GM of 3 radio stations in Southern Middle Tennessee.  Glenn specializes in helping small market radio stations succeed.  You can reach out to him at 812-913-2672, or online at www.smallmarketradiostrategies.com

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