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Finney Media Why Listen? Part 2 Web Event

What is the new number one reason listeners to Christian-formatted radio stations tune in?  

The answer to this question will be revealed during a web event sharing key items from the second Finney Media Why Listen?® 2018 listener feedback survey on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 at 12 p.m. CT/1 p.m. ET.

In the 30-minute web event, Finney Media president Chuck Finney will delve into why Christian radio listeners listen, what causes them to tune away and just who they are. The survey included 26,800 respondents who were surveyed on why a listener listens to Christian formatted radio and programs.

Registration is required and available online.

“Christian radio listeners continue to surprise us with what they are really after,” said Finney Media President Chuck Finney. “The reason they listen is quite clear. And, it’s
important Christian radio stations deliver the content their listeners are craving.”

In addition to the reason listeners tune in, the web event will also answer more
questions, including:
1. What does your listener want from you more than anything else?
2. Can we see the level of difference you make in her spiritual life?
3. What impact is digital having on Christian format listener habits?

Limited space is available for the Finney Media Why Listen® 2018 Survey Results Webinar. Attendees must register to gain entry into this free event.

Go here to register for webinar to reserve your spot.