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Christian FM Brant & Sherri Luau

Last week Christian FM hosted the Brant & Sherri Beach Luau at Hutchinson Shores Resort & Spa in Jensen Beach, Fl…The event was attended by Brant & Sherri affiliate stations form all over the country.

Christian FM Media President Jon Hamilton, “When we planned the “Luau” it really was simply with the hope to bless and encourage some leaders from an extraordinary group of radio stations.  What they do is important, and we wanted to thank them for it.   In addition to some great equipping sessions, I think having all this down time together was refreshing and badly needed. This was a blast.  With the pandemic, most of the Brant Hansen Show stations weren’t able to make it this year, but we hope to have more similar events in the future.”

Christian FM VP Operations Paul Tipton, “The Brant Hansen Luau was so much fun. It was great spending time with the friends and enjoying the FL winter. The Karaoke performances were off the charts. Can’t wait to do this again.”

KEEH/Spokane (Shine 104.9) GM Darin Patzer, “My wife Natalie and I were so grateful to Cure International, Christian FM and Brant and Sherri sponsoring this retreat. Not only was the relaxation of the beach setting a blessing of warmth to body and soul, but also the fellowship time of getting to know other committed radio servants of Christ and to build friendships, warmed our hearts. Hoping this will become an annual event (or quarterly LOL).”










Special speakers included consultant John Frost (above) who spoke about using the medium of radio the best we can to proclaim the Gospel.

“There is no format as uncompelling when done poorly and no format as compelling when done well. Reflecting your listeners beliefs and values is the most effective way of creating loyalty and attracting new listeners. People don’t come to us because of what we are they come to us because of who they are.  A first time listener should be able to tune into your station and say, “That’s ME!”  That means adopting common ground and connecting emotionally” John Frost.   

Brant Hansen says, “It was a BLAST. So much good conversation and sunshine and laughs. We talked about loving our listeners, our changing culture, and the role our stations can play in it to bless people. It was fantastic getting to talk about stuff.  And karaoke was absolutely epic. Sherri’s mom sang, Jeff Evans and his wife did ‘Summer Lovin'” from Grease, and Mike Harper imitated Mick Jagger. We’re all still processing that, honestly…”

Brant Hansen Show Co-host Sherri Lynn, “Our show is all about friendship and connection, not just with the listener but also with our affiliates. We’re so grateful to partner with these amazing people. It was an honor to host them in person. We learned, laughed, sang and more. It was blast!”

KVNE/Tyler morning personality Mike Harper says, “Brant’s event was packed with powerful content, along with some hilarious moments! It was so awesome to discuss with our peers how to convey this important and timely message of faith to a culture that desperately needs it!”  Pictured below it’s Mike doing Karaoke !

KYTT/Coos Bay (98.7 K-Light) GM Rick Stevens, “I’ve been really troubled over the past few years seeing Christian media outlets wane in their willingness to sharing Jesus, so when Brant reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to being more “bold” than ever for Christ, on the air… I was thinking YES! This is what we need.”

WBYO/Philadelphia (Word FM) PD Meg Geissinger, “With a spirit of how-can-we-do-this-better-together, Brant & Sherri achieved their goal of blessing, encouragement, and then some for affiliates. It felt good to laugh, learn, and – for those of us in cold climates – get some warm Florida sunshine on our faces. I’m grateful to the staff of Christian FM and CURE International for their generosity and hard work on a great event.”

WAKW/Cincinnati (STAR 93.3) PD Jeff Evans, “It was great networking with other Brant Hansen Show affiliates from around the country. It’s always encouraging to share ideas and success stories in regards to the show.”  Pictured below Jeff tries his best in Karaoke with “Summer Lovin” from Grease!

KDUV/Visalia PD Rob Anthony says, “It was a really great time to connect in person with Brant and Sherri, and understand their hearts and the process of what they do, and how and why they do it – which is really important to have if they’re my morning show every day! And the karaoke night was vital to that as well.”

KCMS/Seattle Donna Totey, “Brant and Sherri are the ultimate party hosts. Fun, encouraging and funny. And they both rock at karaoke!”

L-R Matt Stockman WAWZ New York, Art Garza WAWZ New York, Brant Hansen











Larry Steelman WOW Radio Pensacola, Sherri Lynn
Pictured L-R Christian FM President/GM Jon Hamilton, HisAir Ted Semper, Brant Hansen, Sherri Lynn, Christian FM VP Operations Paul Tipton.

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