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Brian Curee “Why We Show Up”

Why We Show Up: A Call To Lead & Interact With Intention

In a season when digital noise is louder than ever, leaders in the Christian broadcasting industry face a hard question: “Are we using social media just to be seen or to make a difference in the lives of people?”

As someone who guides businesses and organizations toward using digital platforms more effectively, I’ve seen firsthand the importance of pausing to reflect. I’ve created a process called the “ART Framework,” which will help you make better decisions and ensure you’re being purpose-driven through Awareness, Reflection, and Transformation. The Awareness step is all about pressing pause. Through my journey as the founder of Killer Bee, I’ve gained invaluable insights into the significance of aligning every action, post, and decision with our core purpose: “Empower Businesses to Use Digital More Effectively.

Why Do We Show Up?

This question has recently taken center stage at Killer Bee, causing us to review our objectives, messaging, the digital platforms we leverage, and the direction we’re going. I’m asking more questions like, “Is social media the most effective approach for us? Do we want to be social media influencers, or guides? Are there better tools to help us connect with the right people?” I’m hearing many other business leaders asking these and similar questions.

This time of reflection reminded me of something we all know, but sometimes forget in the day to day grind: the drive to be visible must never overshadow our purpose to empower and help businesses be more effective. This led to internal changes for us, (which have not all been immediately understood) underscoring a vital leadership lesson, “at the end of the day, we are responsible for the direction of the company, and not everyone may agree with the decision we make.” I am responsible for navigating these shifts, ensuring that everyone involved understands the reason behind our actions and feels empowered to take ownership of what they do and why they do it.

Leading with Your Why

Staying true to your purpose is what differentiates meaningful and impactful content from mere noise. Here are a few ideas to keep your purpose at the forefront of your station, your team, and the content you share with the world:

  1. Regular Reflection Sessions: Incorporate moments of pause into your routine and team meetings to reflect on your actions and decisions. Ask, “How does this align with our ‘why’?” but be sure this is a safe place. If it isn’t, your team may avoid honest discussions.

  2. Purpose Statement Review: Revisit your purpose statement regularly. Is your current strategy really in line with your mission? If you spot any differences, press pause to make some adjustments. After all, your purpose statement should be the filter you use to guide everything you do.

  3. Empower Through Understanding: Educate and empower your team members by sharing the vision and importance of your why. When members internalize this purpose, their work transforms from routine tasks to meaningful contributions. Encourage team members to create personal purpose statements tied to their roles within the organization. Engage in discussions to see how these statements align with the overall mission.

  4. Digital Strategy Alignment: Evaluate your digital platforms and messaging through the lens of your purpose statement. If you catch yourself doing things to be seen or to increase your vanity metrics, take a moment to pause. Reflect on the reasons behind it and consider the adjustments needed. Ensure you and your team are driven by the deeper purpose, the true “why.”

A Personal Journey of Purpose

In revisiting Killer Bee’s purpose statement and aligning our digital strategy accordingly, I was reminded of the weight of leadership. Sometimes, it’s about making tough decisions, encouraging and modeling ongoing reflection, and setting the right example.

This journey has taught and continues to teach me that leadership in purpose-driven organizations, like the Christian broadcasting industry, is about more than just guiding teams. It’s about inspiring members to ask themselves, “Why do I show up?” and ensuring the answer aligns with our unique purpose. For Killer Bee, it’s about empowering business leaders and their teams to be more effective with every digital interaction.

Closing Thought

Embrace the challenge of staying aligned with your “why” – it sounds simple, but it’s not always easy! Lead with purpose, empower your teams, and together, we can change more lives through each digital interaction.

Remember, it’s not about showing up to be seen; it’s about “why” you show up that matters most. Let’s strive to make our presence deeply impactful and driven by purpose.


Brian has worked in the digital field professionally since 2006 and has served the Christian Broadcasting Industry since 2013. He is the CEO & Lead Coach at Killer Bee Marketing. He has completed Donald Miller’s StoryBrand Marketing Roadmap, continues to invest in his leadership skills through events like Entreleadership’s Master Series, and has a degree in Computer Science and Theology. Brian’s purpose is to “Empower Business Leaders & Teams to Use Digital More Effectively,” and he has a passion for helping the Christian Radio industry transform more lives across digital platforms. He has developed the ART Framework, an innovative approach that encourages Awareness, Reflection, and Transformation, guiding businesses to make decisions anchored in purpose and strategy.

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