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Brant Hansen Show Brings Production to Harrisburg

In the wake of the Charlottesville controversies, and with the help of WordFM/Sellersville, PA, The Brant Hansen Show is bringing “The Bold and the Sanctified” to The Forum in downtown Harrisburg, PA.

It’s a full-scale, comedy/musical stage production, written and produced by the radio show’s producer, Sherri Lynn. It sold out both previous shows in Pittsburgh, featuring original music and performances from American Idol veterans Adam Brock and Ruben Studdard, among others.

“This is the most profound statement about race and the church that I’ve ever seen,” Brant says. “This is a topic we visit often on our podcast and radio show, but this message, on stage, is unforgettable.”

“We live here in Harrisburg, and are part of multi-ethnic churches, which we’ve gotten involved sponsoring the play locally. I can’t wait to see the audience reaction here.”

Sherri says, “I love that we get to talk about this subject on the show all the time. We thought the timing was perfect to do this again. And the fact that I’m casting Brant in a singing and dancing role makes it extra-special to me.”

“And I’m not kidding about that. This is going to be funny…”

To get more details on the show, or to order tickets, you can click here.

Pictured is Sherri Lynn and cast members.

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