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BOOST Radio Gets A New Tower

KXBS/St Louis (95.5 FM), the flagship signal for the BOOST Radio format moved to a new tower (right next to the original one). 

The original antenna is at the top of a tower in the city of St. Louis constructed in the 1950’s. The tower owners (a cell phone company) decided it was time to modernize the site and expand capacity, so they undertook constructing a new tower right next to the original one. The first 360 feet were built from the ground up, but a helicopter was required for the final (just under) 200-feet. On Sunday the 8/20, it arrived to airlift each of the final sections. The sections weighed as much as 4,100 pounds. As each one was lifted, a tower crew bolted them into place with the chopper hovering above them. The FAA was on site, as were officials from other broadcasters who also lease space on the tower, not to mention some hard working climbers who spent 10 hours up there in 103-degree temps! Once the physical construction is done, power, cables, etc. will have to be run from the transmitter building, and a lot of antennas will have to be mounted.

BOOST Radio PD Mike Couchman tells HisAir, “When all is said and done, the tower will top out at 550 feet, with BOOST at the top. Underneath KXBS will be various antennas for Audacy and Hubbard FM signals, plus other non-broadcast tenants. The original tower will then be dismantled. Not sure on the timing, as both towers sit on the property of a school; everything from this point forward has to be coordinated so that it doesn’t interfere with classes or put teachers/students in harm’s way. For those familiar with St. Louis, the tower sits on what’s known locally as the Delmar Divide, just east of the famous Loop neighborhood. The Delmar Divide has historically divided races in St. Louis. Given the unifying mission of BOOST Radio, we’re honored to transmit from this spot and serve as a bridge to bring all of God’s people together.”


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  • God bless the brave professionals of the tower crew!


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