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Bill Scott “Why We Got In Radio”

Why We Got In Radio


I’ve been in radio for 39 years.  I can tell you why I made the decision at 17 years old to make this field my career.  I love people.


During the best of times we get to have fun on the radio, play great music and live life with our listeners.  Only a hand full of times have there been opportunities like we are seeing today.  Yes, I said opportunities.  I know the world looks at what we are going through as a crisis and indeed it is but this is an opportunity to allow your station to shine.  Seldom does the world face the exact same challenge all at once but this is one of those times.  People are scared, some are facing the loss of finances, the loss of health and others are lonely.  So many are searching for hope and peace.  I love the fact that this is what our stations are built on.  We don’t have to manufacture this, we already have it through Jesus, the music we play and the content that our personalities are sharing.


Don’t miss a great opportunity to go deep with your listeners.  Yes, have a few laughs, share some games parents can use while at home with their kids but also look for any chance to share the hope of Christ.  So many people will be scanning the dial reaching for anything that brings them hope.  Be ready to share something on the air that will encourage others and at the same time point them to Christ.


This is why we are doing Christian radio, for such a time is this.  Look for ways to impact your listeners that might be out of the box, not the norm.  Make Chuck Finney, John Frost and Brian Wright sweat a little, joking of course.


Let’s not be tone deaf during this time and do radio as usual.  Your listeners need you and those who will be searching for hope need you as well.  Christian radio is stronger than ever before, and more are listening to Christian radio than ever before so let’s take advantage of that.


On the other side of this crisis, I believe your listeners will have a deeper appreciation for your radio station.  Let’s make a huge impact.


Bill Scott – Chief Content Officer, Vidare Creative / www.VidareCreative.com. Contact Bill at bill@vidarecreative.com

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