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Andrea Wanless Interview 2-6-17

Andrea Wanless
Assistant Promotions Director
Ponca City

Career Capsule: My radio career began in July 2015 after having moved from my hometown of Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Ponca City Oklahoma. I found myself driving past the station on HWY 60 very curious and not knowing what that building was. Whenever I would pass by the station I’d get a nudge from God that that was the place where I was supposed to be. After what felt like many promptings from the Lord, I finally decided to take a closer look. I was amazed when I found out it was a Christian radio station, The House FM and My Praise FM to be exact! They had an opening for a receptionist position which went great with my background education in legal studies partnered with my administrative abilities. I put together a resume and a few days later was blessed to join the ministry. In March of 2016 I received a promotion to Promotions Assistant and shortly thereafter was promoted to Assistant Promotions Director.

Andrea, tell us what’s new at The House FM, with you etc… ?

It seems like there is always lots going on here at the station! I love to keep busy at work and I enjoy brainstorming for new promotions. I also like working events which gives me the opportunity to engage with our listeners. We are currently gearing up for our annual Pledge Drive in the beginning of March.

In my personal life, I am a foster mom to a 6 year old boy and I also have a 6 year old son, his name is Mason. Those 2 really keep me on my feet and I am so thankful for them. I strive to be a good mother, always ready to learn and grow each day. In my free time I volunteer at a local detention center. I also enjoy singing praises to The Lord, whether it be through corporate worship at church, or singing along to the radio station in my car.    

What are the 3 main ingredients to make a promotion successful?

I would say the 3 main ingredients to make a promotion here successful are Jesus, coffee and dedication.

What is the best promotion advice you’ve been given? The worst?

I have been given lots of great promotion advice. I give thanks for the team that I work with and my supervisor, Promotions Director, Jamie Olivas, who is always imparting lots of wisdom and knowledge to me. I appreciate her patience as I learn this position and perform to the best of my abilities. 

Regarding your career, what are you most proud of?

So far I am most proud of the Christmas outreaches we did in the month of December 2016. In the first outreach, we partnered with Together We Rise, a non-profit agency that is a leader in foster care innovation and whose project slogan is “no child deserves a trash bag”. The House FM and My Praise FM set out to raise $5,000 to help support children in the foster care system. Being that I am a foster parent, this outreach hit close to home, actually pretty literally, it is something dear to my heart. At the end of our 8-day campaign we were able to exceed our goal and raise a total of $7,792 and reach over 311 children in foster care in Oklahoma and southern Kansas. The money raised went to provide duffel bags for the children that included basic essentials many do not have when they are placed in a new home. Our second December outreach was at a Detention Center. On December 22nd, myself and other members of The House FM staff visited a local county jail and caroled throughout the facility. We were able to hand out 350 Christmas cookies and each inmate received a special note from The House FM with a prayer on it. Two inmates that were a part of the men’s choir group that I teach were able to join us in caroling that day. Having the opportunity to serve, be hands on and do things like is something I am so grateful for. It is truly a blessing to work for a ministry that helps impact the community and the many lives around us.

What is the one thing YOU must have to do your job every day?

Very simple, I must start my day with prayer. 

In your opinion what makes the ideal station promotion?

I think an ideal station promotion is one with a purpose and a cause. People are drawn to things they are passionate about.

Regarding social networking and promotion, what have you had the most success with?

Giveaways and sharing things that really engage with our followers.

How do you measure the success of a great promotion?

I personally believe if just one life is touched by the love of Christ that that is more than enough to be considered a successful promotion.

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  • Great article on an amazing woman. We need more like her. Give her a raise already.


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