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Aaron Dicer Update

Here’s an update on the condition of Aaron Dicer as of late this afternoon. From his  “The Morning DNA” show partner Denee Hughes. 

He is scheduled to have an angiogram but it has been moved back a few times because they have to take the patients that NEED it first. As he waits, he is resting fairly well. Today he has been more alert when awake, more restfully when asleep, more quick witted, more cognizant of where, what and why. For the first time, he said he was fairly comfortable when his nurse asked what she could do to make him more comfortable. He’s been on his phone and touched by all of the messages he’s received and the knowledge that so many have been praying for him!

Prayer works!

Aaron collapsed after their show last Wednesday.  It was determined Aarons heart had stopped and he has been in the hospital since. We’ll continue to update as we get them.