New Horizons: A Metaverse Podcast Experience

New Horizons: A Metaverse Podcast Experience
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Welcome to “New Horizons Podcast" we're true stories & experiences are told LIVE in the Metaverse, presented by the Killer Bee Studios. This podcast is a beacon of hope and inspiration, hosted by Brian and Shawna Curee, known as Mr. & Mrs. KillerB in virtual reality.

Immerse yourself in this live, interactive talk show featuring diverse guests—from musicians and celebrities to best-selling authors, athletes, and entrepreneurs. Each episode is a journey through true, compelling stories of overcoming adversity, personal growth, and the power of hope and connection.

Join us for a one-of-a-kind interactive podcast experience from the Metaverse, where the lines between virtual and reality blend in the pursuit of understanding, inspiration, and true connection.

If you’re navigating life’s ups and downs, seeking support, or intrigued by the synergy between technology and human connection, “New Horizons” offers a unique space to connect and grow together. Be sure to follow this podcast or join us LIVE in the Metaverse at the Killer Bee Studios on Meta's Horizon Worlds.

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