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WTGN’s Scott Young To Retire

Longtime WTGN/Lima, OH Station Manager Scott Young announces he will be stepping away from WTGN later this year. Office Manager Jered Slusher is being promoted to Station Manager.

Scott tells HisAir today, “I have been privileged to be a part of the WTGN ministry since October 1978 and am still amazed that the Lord would choose “just a kid from Windham” to be associated with this wonderful, God-honoring radio station. Believing that the “steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord,” I will be stepping away from WTGN sometime after Sharathon in late November or early December. By the grace of God, I have attempted to run the race well and have been driven by Matthew 6:33, with a desire to “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.”

Scott joined WTGN in October 1978.

Scott says, “I have sincerely tried to make a difference, and I give God the glory for any way He may have used me through the years. Let me close with a few lyrics from a wonderful song called “My Tribute,” written by Andrae Crouch: “Oh, just let me live my life Let it be pleasing, Lord to thee And if I gain any praise Let it go to Calvary” 

The WTGN Board announces that Jered Slusher will be succeeding Scott Young as the next WTGN station manager. Jered has played a key role as the office manager over the past 5 years. 

Scott Young says, “WTGN is a very special ministry, and I’m confident God has used it mightily to touch many lives for the kingdom since we first signed on in September of 1966. WTGN is blessed with a wonderful Board of Directors, and I believe the Lord has led them to select Jered Slusher as the next WTGN station manager. Jered loves the Lord and the WTGN listeners, but of course, you knew that, because you’ve seen him demonstrate that every day over the last five years. Good things are ahead! God bless you, Jered.”

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