WRBS Drive-In Prayer Night

Prayer and worship are two of the most powerful and unifying actions the body of Christ can take. WRBS/Baltimore (SHINE FM) held its second drive-in prayer night where listeners came to pray and worship.

“Since the Coronavirus crisis began, we’ve held two Facebook Live prayer services reaching over 50,000 people,” says Erin Branham, WRBS Director of Marketing & Promotions. “As wonderful as an online service is, we’re all feeling the Zoom burnout. We want to be in person.”

However, with many feeling uncomfortable attending church in a building and many church buildings still unopened, SHINE-FM brought the community together in a COVID-19 safe way: a drive-in prayer night. Each SHINE-FM Drive-In Prayer Night is lead by SHINE-FM air personalities and features local pastors and worship songs broadcast live on SHINE-FM and in the cars of those attending so everyone can attend. To create engagement on-site prior to the service, the SHINE-FM promotions team hosts trivia and games attendees can play from their car simply by honking their car horn and flashing their car’s lights.

“The biggest comment our team has heard from attendees following the drive-in prayer nights is, ‘Please keep doing this.’ Our communities are craving interaction and connection,” says Steve Lawhon, General Manager.



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