WPOZ Josh Wilson Lunch

The WPOZ/Orlando (Z88.3) Z Crew had the opportunity to bless their TEAM 88.3 family with lunch and Josh Wilson Wednesday 3/21. He taught them looping, which gave a whole new respect for the one man band. He made all the sound effects for each instrument, recorded it in front of them and then looped them to play while he actually sang each song.

The Z Crew loves getting together with TEAM 88.3 because there is always a beautiful story about how God has used the Z and artists to impact lives. Today, one of those stories included Bethany who didn’t originally win an invite to lunch, but shared her story about how Josh’s song Fall Apart literally helped her through a stroke and relearning to walk again, homelessness and then a high risk pregnancy. We may not always get to see how God is using radio and our artists to impact lives on this side of heaven, but we are grateful that He gives us glimpses through friends like Bethany.