WPER Single Mom Saturday

WPER/Fredericksburg (Your Encouraging PER) hosted their biggest Single Mom Saturday yet with Sullivan Auto Trading in Fredericksburg, VA. 100 area single moms were loved on with free oil changes, car washes, and light detailing. Free food, bounces houses, pumpkin patch and prayer tent entertained them and their kids while they waited for their vehicles.

One mom attending was a transplant from Houston who had moved to the area to live with her mom after losing everything. Another mom who drove two hours to be part of the event said “I think I drove all the way out here just to get a hug.” God was present, moms were blessed, and Your Encouraging ‘PER can’t wait to do it again in the spring.

Pictured at left – a moms car getting washed after being worked on.

Pictured below – Registration tent where moms dropped off their cars

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