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WORQ Celebrates its 30th Anniversary!

February 1st, 2024 WORQ/Green Bay (Q90FM) celebrated 30 years – going on-air the morning of February 1st 1994 with a Christian rock anthem from  Petra “I Am On the Rock”.  John Schlitt from Petra called in to the Q90 morning show on the 30th anniversary kicking off the day-long celebration.

The Open House was overwhelmingly attended by over 150 people from across the NE WI area, in an amazing show of encouragement to the Q-Crew ministry staff.

Hosting the event was the founder and Board President, Lee Dudek;  General Manager, Crash Connell;  Morning Show Co-Host Scotty Gray (who has been on-air since day 1!);  and ministry Executive Director, Katie Connell (who came into work decked out in her best 90’s fashion, hair and makeup).

Pictured L-R Jason Kemper (Younger/Older host), Crash Connell (GM), Dave Wager (board member), Lee Dudek (co-founder, board president

Guests were treated to a 90’s themed photo area, a tour through the memorabilia walls, a look behind the studio “magic”, a chance to meet the voices behind the mic – including Scotty and Terra in the morning, Mary Danielsen who hosts Q90FM’s “Stand Up For the Truth”,  Crash, the GM and afternoon guy – and even a local police officer who shared some stories and details from the ministry’s state-wide outreach program, “The Police Lights of Christmas”, which supplies thousands of dollars-worth of gift cards to over 80 law enforcement agencies across WI for the officers to use to help people in need that they come into contact with while on patrol.

Pictured Scottie # Katie Q

A luncheon style spread was provided by ministry partner Crisis Café, and a donor surprised the Q-Crew with a 3 tiered cake, made from scratch, complete with the original 1994 logo, the revised 2000 logo and the current Q90FM logo.  The building was filled with prayer, fellowship and some much needed nostalgia – and guests left with gospel tracks, CD’s and DVD’s – equipped to evangelize in these times that we are living in.

The WORQ 30th anniversary received local TV coverage – watch HERE


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