WORD FM Evening with Brant and Sherri

WordFM/Sellersville, PA reports that their “Evening with Brant and Sherri” was a tremendous success. The event quickly sold out, at $15 and $30 for ViP tickets. The concert was heldJune 2nd at Faith Church in Allentown. 
“It truly was an extension of the show, made even better with the in-person interaction. There was a full range of silly, serious, and sacred,” said Meg Geissenger, WordFM’s Program Director. “Our listeners were fully engaged with Brant & Sherri both on stage and off – laughing, crying, and moved to action.”

Brant says that was exactly the goal: To take the radio show and make it a live, in-person experience. “Doing comedy is always scary to me, but Sherri’s a pro, and this is such a great way to connect the station to listeners. I can’t think of anything better. We’re hoping to do more of this with affiliates soon.”

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