WNWC At American Family Childrens Hospital

WNWC/Madison (Life 102.5) delivers over 23,000 cans of Play-Doh to children in hospitals around Wisconsin

In an effort to show love and kindness in Madison, Life 102.5 teamed up with the American Family Children’s Hospital to bring the most needed item for kids in the hospital, Play-Doh. The Children’s Hospital goes through roughly 2,000 cans a year because children love Play-Doh, but when a sick child has played with a can, it cannot be shared. Life 102.5 listeners stepped up in a big way, supplying 23,813 cans of Play-Doh! This incredible act of love was especially close to the heart of the Life 102.5 Listener Engagement Director & On-Air Host, Summer Shepherd, who was inspired to partner with AFCH after an uncertain time she spent in the children’s hospital with her daughter for a bone infection when she was a baby. Summer says, “We realized within a few days that this was going to be way bigger than we had originally anticipated. Schools adopted the initiative, police stations, gyms, churches and village halls. We started seeing boxes of Play-Doh being shipped to the studios from people in other states who had heard what we were doing through social media.” The AFCH could not fit all the Play-Doh in storage, thus allowing Life 102.5 to supply 10 additional hospitals and Ronald McDonald House charities around Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Pictured L-R Child Life Assistant, Jennifer Spiegel; Child Life Specialist, Callie Helfrich; Child Life Specialist, Heather Schoenfeld; Life 102.5 Listener Engagement Direction, Summer Shepherd; Life 102.5 Program Director, Dave Conour; Life 102.5 Assistant Program Director, Candice Grey; Life 102.5 Station Manager, Steve Young; Child Life Assistant,  Amanda Watter.