WMIT Listener Appreciation Concert

There is no better way to start off the Christmas season than giving back to local ministries and focusing on those who are in need in the community. On December 1, WMIT/Black Mountain (106.9 The Light) hosted its first Listener Appreciation Concert with Denver and the Mile High Orchestra. Listeners were asked to donate paper plates and cups for Safe Harbor Rescue Mission and bring them to the concert. The result-  6,000 plates and 5,000 cups! Paper plates and cups may not be a big deal in and of themselves, BUT these numbers add up to a whole year’s supply of lunches (4,800) served at Safe Harbor Rescue Mission. Hundreds of women and children will be provided with a hot lunch and a cold drink each day on the donated paper plates and cups, because of the generous hearts of 106.9 the Light listeners.

Pictured: WMIT staff and volunteers…

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