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WJTL Top 500 Is Back

2020 marks the return of The Top 500 Countdown at WJTL/Lancaster and the musical polls are open and voting is now underway.

WJTL is currently asking listeners to narrow down personal favorites to their Top 5 songs of all time. 

WJTL MD Nik Curtis Beal says, “Some of our listeners will include songs that take them back to their early days of listening to WJTL (1984), other listeners may have started listening for the first time during the pandemic.  These five favorite listener song choices are weighted and ordered in the same way they have been at WJTL since The Top 500 on WJTL in 1995.”  

This multi-day event (Nov. 17-19) shares voting results song-by-song exclusively over each on-air shift from #500 to what will be the #1 of 2020.  This is one of WJTLs top on-air listener events.  It serves as a reminder of listener history with WJTL, and the importance of music and song from artists during the most important times in WJTL listener’s lives.

It’s a glue-to-your radio dial time of contests, musical history and highly personal listener nostalgia.  WJTL has a deep musical history that listeners take personally. Nik says, “We thank God for that. It’s time to celebrate!” 

WJTLs Top 500 archives are listed at wjtl.com at the music tab. 

(Previous Top 500 Countdown years were: 2018, 2014, 2011, 2007, 2004, 2001, 1999, 1997, 1995)

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