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WJTL “The Jesus Music” Pre-Screening

WJTL/Lancaster, PA listeners experienced an exclusive pre-screening of the film The Jesus Music at The Junction Center.  

Producer Joshua Walsh (Kingdom Story Company) commented, “It really seems that this facility is a community center and a beacon for this territory.”  Joshua continued, “the listener base is really educated on Christian music history.  I don’t see that a lot…”

Fred McNaughton, President of Creative Ministries which includes WJTL & The Junction Center, kicked off the event with a surprise video montage of classic Christian artists (Brian Duncan, Randy Stonehill, Phil Keaggy and many others) offering well-wishes of recovery for WJTL Archivist Terry Phillips.  The Marine Corp. Veteran has hosted “The Archives” for thirty years on WJTL; he was recently released after an extended time in ICU due to Covid.  The video montage was met with audience applause which changed to a standing ovation as Terry Phillips took the stage to offer public thanks for all the prayers.

Following the pre-screening event, producer Joshua Walsh said, “I love that WJTL takes time to honor the guys that came before; that was the whole point of us doing the documentary.  WJTL & The Junction Center stage are living that out.”

Fred McNaughton reciprocated the sentiment speaking highly of Kingdom Story Company film The Jesus Music and Josh Walsh, “I loved this movie because it told a great story, and it told the story with heart.”

The Jesus Music opens across the nation this weekend!

Pictured L-R Fred McNaughton, Producer Joshua Walsh, WJTL Music Director Nik Curtis Beal

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