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Why We Do.. What We Do

Radio is competitive by nature. I spent over 40 years on the air and in programming mainly secular stations. And believe me it gets pretty nasty at times. All in the name of competition. You want to beat them! You want to force them to react. To change formats, that’s the ultimate!

Apostle Paul says in Galatians 5:22-23: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control.” (NIV)

That “attitude” of beating another station just doesn’t fit.


In Christian Radio we still want the biggest audience. If we say we don’t, are we really being honest?

We’re broadcasting for an entirely different reason altogether. To tell the Good News of Jesus Christ. Bottom line is that’s the only difference. And its a BIG difference. We should remind ourselves daily.

In secular radio its all about the station, the personality, the shows, etc. In Christian Radio that’s not the case. EVERYTHING a Christian Radio station does, points to Christ. Finding creative ways to do that does not come easy.


Regarding the business side of Christian Radio, where the “behind the scenes” stuff takes place. Are we conducting ourselves the same way as we do “on the air”?

We should be… We should be lifting each other up and showing the love of Christ.

We must remember that the radio stations we are associated with are really not OURS, they belong to God.


I’ve heard from numerous people the past few days with comments like:

“Our industry is in a dangerous place”
“I hope something positive comes from all this”
“This is just sad, for everyone involved”
“Aren’t we all in this together?


This is MINISTRY … Not just on the air, but to each other. It’s important to never forget that.

Let’s all get on with The Lord’s business!


You may want to voice your thoughts so please feel free to reach out….   Thanks for listening!

Ted Semper

9 thoughts on “Why We Do.. What We Do

  • Perfectly said. The last few days have left me confused. I thought I left all that when I left secular radio! It just proves we are all human and the only perfect one hung from the cross.
    Lets all take a minute and thank our Lord and Savior for loving us even though at times we don’t deserve it.

  • This may have been the best thing to happen to Christian radio in a long time. Use it to revolutionize our purpose and get back on track. No amount of consulting could have triggered this needed wake-up call. Forgive fiercely, love fiercely, get about our Father’s business!

  • YES!! There’s plenty enough fish in this world that need the good news of the Gospel..

  • Well said!
    We encourage our listeners to “make a difference”, to “live in peace with one another” to “choose Joy”. May we live the words we speak…and then some.

  • Thank you, Ted, for what you do and thanks for your message today on “Why we do what we do.”

  • Ted,

    Excellent perspective on how we should embrace our callings to be Christian broadcast professionals!


  • Amen brother. I’ve been around this industry long enough to see the growth of not only the number stations we have, but also in the reach of those stations. But I’ve been bewildered by how we seem to be “fighting for the same listeners” when we arguably have a better opportunity than ever before to reach a larger, disparate audience through format diversity, different on-air approaches, etc. I think if we made that our focal point, this issue of competition would naturally fade out. Every radio station has a unique place in the ‘body’ of Christian radio. Are we prayerfully, sincerely, and constantly seeking God’s will for the megaphones we steward, seeking only to allow,God to use us and them as He wills?

  • Well said, Ted. Thanks for all you do to advance the gospel and assist our stations in our efforts.


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