WGTS MercyMe Concert

More than 3,000 WGTS/Wash DC listeners gathered in person for the first time in more than a year at the Regency Furniture Stadium in Waldorf, Md., to hear Micah Tyler and MercyMe on their LIVE & OUTSIDE tour. Despite a hot day and some long general admission lines, the mood was charged with positivity and filled with happiness.

“We spoke with people lined up outside the venue before the doors opened, and the feeling was one of joyous celebration,” says Johnny Stone, who was there with his wife Stacey from their afternoon show. “We greeted hundreds of people who we knew from past events and many new people as well.”

During the concert, it was clear that the crowd was enjoying it, singing along to the songs and generally having a great time with the artists who were also excited to be back on the road performing for a live audience. The artists performed a mix of familiar favorites and a few new songs.

Staff and volunteers were there to greet people and share bumper stickers, notepads, pens, pencils, hand sanitizer and many other WGTS goodies. Meanwhile, listeners generously provided food, as well as diapers and other baby basics to help mothers in our area. This Hands and Heart project has been ongoing throughout the month of May, with several hundred pounds of food and several hundred diapers coming in during this event.

Pictured WGTS afternoon hosts Johnny & Stacey Stone.


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