WGTS Listeners “Dare to Be” at Women’s Event

2-19-16wgtsOver 2,000 women gathered near Washington D.C. to hear inspirational messages and music from Curb artist Natalie Grant and Charlotte Gambill at the “Dare to Be” women’s conference sponsored by WGTS/Wash DC. Gambill shared “it doesn’t matter where you’ve fallen, where you’ve messed up, God is still for you, even though he He knows everything about you.”

This year, WGTS also partnered with the Splendor Ministry to bring in a group of homeless women who met Grant and Gambill backstage, ate dinner backstage and sat in a reserved section of the arena.  “It was so incredible to see women, some who ordinarily wouldn’t be in a church setting, responding so openly the message of hope that was coming from Natalie and Charlotte,” said WGTS 91.9 morning co-host Blanca Vega.

The night was also a memorable one for the tour. Grant and Gambill honored a lady from the D.C. area named Michelle as their “woman of courage.” Michelle had been battling a rare form of lung cancer for 14 years. Gambill prayed on stage in front of all 2,000 women for Michelle’s complete healing. Just a few days later, Michelle shared that the doctors were dumbfounded that her most recent scans show that she is completely cancer-free.  “We dared to pray, dared to believe and she is healed. Incredible. In awe of our faithful God. Never forget: God always has the last word!” said Grant.
Pictured Natalie Grant (left) and Charlotte Gambill (right) take a moment to honor Michelle was a woman of courage. After prayers for her that night, Michelle was cured of cancer.

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