WGTS Celebrates Veterans Day

11-12-15wgtsWGTS 91.9 spent Veteran’s Day honoring our veterans at the Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH) in Washington DC.  The WGTS team arrived at 5:00 a.m. and the Jerry and Blanca morning originated from the Hall of Remembrance at the AFRH.  They spent the morning interviewing veteran’s from World War II, Korea and Vietnam. “It’s totally changed how I think about Veteran’s Day.  I got the chance to interview Private First Class Richard Baker.  He stormed the beaches of Normandy and told us how they marched in to free Paris and the residents lined the streets offering them wine, bread and cheese.  What amazed me most about all of these members of the greatest generation is that they didn’t want any credit.  They just did it because they felt it was their duty to defend this country,” said WGTS morning show host Jerry Woods.

The WGTS staff wrapped up the morning show by saying the Pledge of Allegiance along with the veterans.  Then the station sponsored a brass quintet to play patriotic songs and songs from the 1940s and 50s for the vets. The Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington DC is one of only two of its kind.  It provides comfortable retirement living for veterans who have served our nation in an exemplary way.           

“Veteran’s Day has always been an idea for me, but spending time with real people who made real sacrifices for our country made me realize how great a debt we have to these veterans that we can never repay,” said Jitesh Ram community engagement director  for WGTS. Pictured WGTS staff with artist Chris Tomlin… 

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